multilingual presenter - interpreter - translator
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My name is Előd Pál-Pál, I'm a specialist on the field of multilingual communication.
I'm using English, German, Hungarian and Romanian to present international events. You are at the right place if you are looking for a multilingual presenter, interpreter or translator.
(14 february 2018 20:02)
It was great to be the presenter of an event featuring olympic medallists from Hungary. There were two fencers and their coaches that I asked about their olympic experience and other topics such as success, career, motivation etc. It was great to meet them!
(31 december 2017 15:39)
It was a pleasure to meet the best athletes of Harghita county (Transylvania, Romania). We saw some outstanding performances this year, so I was curious to find out who will receive the trophy this time. Well, the most points were collected by Mark Stoica (judo) while the best team was once again the ice hockey team Sport Club Miercurea Ciuc, which obtained the silver medal in both league and Romanian Cup last season. Congratulations!
(31 december 2017 15:18)
I had the honour to present the gala of the Nissin company in the Hungarian town of Kecskemet. It is a multinational company originally founded in Japan. Their noodles are known all over the world.