multilingual presenter - interpreter - translator
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My name is Előd Pál-Pál, I'm a specialist on the field of multilingual communication.
I'm using English, German, Hungarian and Romanian to present international events. You are at the right place if you are looking for a multilingual presenter, interpreter or translator.
(17 april 2017 12:36)
It was once again a pleasure to present the international marathon in Cluj Napoca, Romania. The community of athletes and amateur runners had a memorable day as they participated in the 7th edition of the Cluj marathon. The impressive stadium hosted several races for kids on Saturday, while the adults came to run on Sunday. It was not only the maraton on the schedule. The participants had the opportunity to take part in the 5 km, 10 km and 21 km run as well.
(08 march 2017 22:33)
As former trainee in the office of Mr Csaba Sógor in the European Parliament I had the opportunity to participate in a conference organized in Cluj, Romania. MEP Sógor invited all of his ex-trainees from the last 10 years to discuss about the position of Romania and the national minorities in Europe. About 35% of the invited persons were there to meet new people and to take part in a very useful programme. We tried to find answers to the relevant problems of the continent and listened to some very interesting presentations.
(19 february 2017 11:37)
On the first days of Februrary, the Romanian location Vatra Dornei was hosting the FIL Luge World Championships on natural track. It was the first WCH in winter sports held in Romania.