multilingual presenter - interpreter - translator
My name is Előd Pál-Pál, I'm a specialist on the field of multilingual communication. I'm using English, German, Hungarian and Romanian to present international events. You are at the right place if you are looking for a multilingual presenter, interpreter or translator.
I upgraded my passion to a professional career. Multilingualism brings me a lot of joy and new challenges. I was always surrounded by people with different cultural backgrounds, so I got used to breathe in languages and the perception behind them. As time passed, I built my whole life on transcultural communication. I showed interest for this area, spent almost 6 years studying it and gained enough experience to know how it feels to bring it to a professional level.

Vienna is the place where I finished my studies. I obtained my first degree in Transcultural Communication (BA). I recognized the meaning of knowledge, languages and communication. I started to feel the importance of professional multicultural communication. I observed that proper behavior and target-oriented speaking are essential elements if we want to succeed. I decided to improve my skills and suddenly I found myself in the middle of the master studies in conference interpreting. I graduated with distinction and received a new academic degree at the University of Vienna (Master of Arts).

During my studies, I put a lot of effort to build my career. I was studying and working in the same time. I gained experience as a multilingual presenter. I was often booked to present events, to commentate races respectively to interpret at meetings/conferences or to translate texts.
  Because of the fact that I look back to a long-lasting career as an alpine skier, I must confess that I love sports. It is always a pleasure if I have the opportunity to connect sports and multilingual communication. That is the reason why I presented so many sport events. I adore to deliver information and to entertain people. It's great to see how people follow a presentation and catch the spirit of an awesome event.

I am continuously working on my skills. I improve them by attending courses and seminaries. I'm actively practicing the languages that I speak and I'm developing my interpreting techniques. I respect my discipline and I'm eager to go further, higher and stronger!

I hope that I can meet you at one of my presentations! Come to an event of mine or let me be the presenter of your event! Text me if you need a professional multilingual presenter, interpreter or translator!