multilingual presenter - interpreter - translator
(22 may 2024 16:03)
I've always admired top athletes and I can remember how excited I was when I watched the Sydney Olympics back in 2000. Since then, sports became a central point in my life. I will never lose the admiration towards Olympians, so it was pure happiness and honour to me to act as a host of today's press conference. Hungarian Olympic Committee and beloved brand Pöttyös (chocolate and curd snack) shaked hands for another great partnership, promoting the Hungarian Olympic Team. Some great Olympic champions showed up (Gabriella Szabo, Zsolt Gyulay, Laszlo Fabian), we had a nice conversation on the podium with former and current athletes, highlighting the Paris Olympics, which begins in 65 days.
(21 may 2024 17:57)
A new triathlon series is about to begin. It is called Friendship Series and it is launched in cooperation by the Hungarian and the Romanian Triathlon Association. One of its target is to show how two countries, which had some huge conflicts in the past, are capable of having a great cooperation with a common purpose. I was honoured to host the press conference of the Hungarian federation and I am really glad that the series will create many connections between these countries, as I have already presented many triathlons both in Hungary and in Romania.
(21 may 2024 17:28)
Bucharest Running Club is the organiser of the largest outdoor sport events in Romania. It has two major mass races each year: the half marathon in May and the marathon in October. As it's spring time, last weekend we met at the start of the 21 km race. The streets of Bucharest were crowded by thousands of runners who faced this huge challenge. Kenyan runners stepped on the top of the podium but for us, organisers and speakers, all the finishers can be called as heroes. I'm happy to see many smiling faces crossing the finish line. It was my task to offer multilingual presentation on the main stage, including all the official programmes and the awards ceremonies. Such an honour, many thanks and congratulations!
(21 may 2024 16:02)
This is one of the competitions where the difficulty of half iron triathlon meets the beauty of the nature. Styria, in the South-Eastern part of Austria has many great features, while the event delivers a huge challenge to the participants: 2 km swim, 86 km bike, 20 km run. Of course, about 70% of my work is being done in German language, the rest of 30% contains some English and Hungarian. The majority of the triathletes here come from Austria, Slovenia and Italy. A great weekend every year!
(21 may 2024 15:36)
I've already presented many editions of the Ultrabalaton race but it's still hard to describe the atmosphere of the event. There are teams of 7-13 persons starting minute by minute all day long, so there are about 20 thousand runners competing in the individual or relay categories. It's a real ultramarathon for the speakers as well. I didn't run 210 km, but I had hours of presentation at the start of the race, which is also fun! It was the 18th edition this year featuring many international teams as well!
(02 may 2024 14:02)
Japanese company Nissin Foods has been in Hungary since 2004. It's one of the most important enterprises on the field of food industry worldwide. They organised a great party for the 20th anniversary of their presence in the Hungarian city of Kecskemét. I was glad to be their host at this festive event.
(22 april 2024 12:12)
I've been presenting the Neusiedlersee Radmarathon, the bike race around Lake Neusiedl in Austria for 10 years now, but this edition was the coldest I've ever experienced: 6 degrees at the start, 10 degrees at the finish. And a lot of wind... It was challenging but it also ended with a huge success. Here you have some numbers: 2000 riders, 46 nations, 125 km. It was an honour to host the event! Each year there are plenty of real sportsmen at the start, dedicated to sports and a healthy way of live. Dutchman Jeroen van Voorden won the race with 3:02:45! Celebrities made their appearance as well: Andreas Kloeden, double vice-champion at the Tour de France was the greatest cyclist among them. Many thanks and congratulations to the riders and the organisers!
(16 april 2024 11:52)
If you think that just the runners face a huge challenge when they participate in a marathon, then you're wrong. Even the organisers, volunteers and the speakers have a lot of work while they are working at a marathon. I spoke for about 7 hours last Sunday at the Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon where the fastest man, Kenyan athlete Ndiwa Sakong set a new track record (2:17:12). Congratulations to all the five thousand participants and to all the people involved!