multilingual presenter - interpreter - translator
(12 april 2024 11:45)
When it's nice outside, people go to have a pleasant run in the city. And there are some great organisers who try to motivate them all to live a healthy life. I had the honour to be the host of the press conference which launched this year's Telekom Vivicitta running festival in Budapest. The event is going to be held in the weekend of 20-21 April. There will be about 20 thousand participants involved.
(26 july 2022 13:39)
It was a new kind of challenge to host the team building event of Geodis, one of the largest companies on the field of logistics in the world. I enjoyed every moment because I met a lot of friendly people and many professionals. THe venue was the stadium of football team Ferencváros, so I got used to all my duties easily.
(26 july 2022 13:00)
The top swimmers, divers and water polo players in the world came to Budapest this summer to deliver great battles for the gold medal at the World Championships. I worked at the event as the reporter of the Hungarian Public Media, being involved in the water polo and open water swimming competitions. In the photos you can discover some shots of Hungarian star Kristóf Milák also, who won two gold medals in the Duna Arena swimming hall.
(08 december 2019 08:55)
It was a pleasure to meet the best young karting drivers of Central and Eastern Europe as I had the honor to present the gala of the CEE Rotax Max Challenge. Talented racers had the luck to greet former F1 driver Zsolt Baumgartner.
(23 september 2017 13:17)
Nowadays, sustainable mobility is an essential topic. Many cities give priority to projects which include cycling as transport modality. In Budapest, experts of this field had an interesting lecture and conversation regarding sustainability. I acted as a moderator and I was impressed by the facts and figures what the representatives of cities presented to us. It was a nostalgic work taking in consideration that I studied in Vienna for six years before I moved to Budapest about three years ago.
(18 september 2017 13:03)
Thousands of children came to try out sports in the third district of Budapest last Thursday. It was a unique occasion to meet coaches and representatives of clubs located in the Northern part of the Hungarian capital city. For me it was a new experience, because the majority of the interviews I took were made with young scholars under the age of 10 years. But, in the same time it was also a pleasure to see them being interested in a sporting career.
(08 january 2017 13:31)
It was the second time in a row that I had the honor to be the presenter of the New Year's Eve gala at Hotel Gellért in Budapest. What a great evening! The living legends of the Hungarian retro music came to sing on the stage. Actually it was more fun than work for me, because it doesn't happen too often that I meet these fantastic singers. I had to act in two languages as many of the guests came from foreign countries.
(14 november 2016 19:27)
I had the honor to be the English-speaking presenter at the 25th Anniversary Gala of CaliVita in Budapest. In front of thousands of guest from 12 countries, I really enjoyed every moment. They showed me their optimism and positive mentality. A great community which has a bright future, just like all the people who have a target and know how to succeed!
(26 august 2016 12:06)
At the third edition of the IronMan 70.3 in Budapest I had the honour to present a press conference. The highlight of the day was an interview with the triathlon world champion Ivan Rana of Spain.
(15 june 2016 12:29)
The multiple Olympic champion Botond Storcz (kayak) showed up for the awards ceremony of the 2016 Tour de Obuda, an amateur cycling event held in Budapest. The trip was attended by over 500 riders who were free to choose the distance they wanted to complete.
(03 january 2016 11:52)
Hosting a New Year's Eve celebration is awesome. Meeting people in good mood and shape, dancing heroes, star musicians and many many surprises. I had the honor to host the New Year's party at the famous Hotel Gellert in Budapest.
(26 august 2015 15:16)
Terenzo Bozzone (NZL) set a new track record at IronMan 70.3 Budapest last weekend. It was party-atmosphere once again in the Hungarian capital where professionals and age group athletes competed on a distance consisting of 1.9 km swim, 90 km cycling and 21 km run.
(03 june 2015 09:10)
It was all about a friendly trip on a bicycle, starting from the 3rd district of Budapest (Óbuda). There were 531 participants departing from the main square of Óbuda in the morning of 31st May. It was an event without winners or losers, all the attention was put on spending a day without stress or headache. People came to have fun together and enjoy the last Sunday of the Spring. It all ended in a pleasant manner, it was amazing to see people smiling after riding some hours on their bikes.
(09 january 2015 23:27)
I had a fascinating start into the new year. I began my internship at the Hungarian state television. I follow the work in the newsroom, join conferences and recordings. It is all about learning and gaining some new experience. I can feel that every new project brings me further. That's why it is all done on a highly professional level. Reporters, presenters and editors are working hard in the same office in order to deliver the best news to viewers. It's great being here! Greetings from Budapest!
(27 august 2014 17:30)
1,500 triathletes came to complete a historic challenge in Budapest. It was the first IronMan competition ever held in Hungary. It happened on the 23rd of August 2014 as the participants had to face the challenge of 1.9 km of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21.1 km of running. Just crazy and spectacular!
(19 august 2014 21:49)
For the very first time in its almost 40 year long history, the IronMan series comes to Hungary. Moreover, it is going to be the first IronMan ever held in Central Europe (over the old "iron curtain"). In a magic and absolutely crazy atmosphere, a total number of 1500 heroes come to compete on a challenging course: 1.9 km of swimming, 90.1 km of cycling and a decisive 21.1 km long running phase. Let's meet on Saturday in Budapest, I am honored to be one of the presenters at this historic event! 

(29 july 2014 18:43)
What a spectacular finish at the Budapest Cycling Grand Prix. On a 127 km long flat race, 140 cyclists arrived to the capital city of Hungary in a crazy pace. The sports-loving supporters were shocked as their favourite rider, K. Lovassy, crashed just 150 metres before the finish. The sprint was won by Erik Baska from team Dukla Trencin, representing Slovakia. The podium was completed by two Slovenian sportsmen, Hocevar and Tratnik. Great show!