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(18 october 2022 14:13)
Just another great story in Bucharest. At the 15th edition it was a Romanian athlete who managed to cross the line first at the end of those challenging 42.195 km. Alexandru Corneschi had a fantastic season and he crowned it with a performance of 2:15:58, the best one on this sunny day. But there were many other heroes on that day. More than 8 thousand runners participated in one of the classic events in Bucharest, which means that both the half-marathon and the 10 km race were very popular.
(30 september 2022 14:46)
The 11th edition of Cluj-Napoca Marathon was one of the higlights of this season. Thousands of children and adults crossed the finish line with a lot of joy on their faces. I was glad to welcome them after their great performance.
(18 october 2019 14:19)
Just one day after Eliud Kipchoge's record of completing the marathon distance under 2 hours, Bucharest has also seen a new track record set by Hosea Kipkosgei (2:10:50). At the 12th edition of the marathon, more than 20 thousand people came to participate. I was glad to present the races this time as well.
(30 april 2019 11:35)
It's just crazy to see 1300 participants at the start of a cycling competition. It happened in Mörbisch am See in Austria, at the traditional 125 km ride around lake Neusiedl. I felt honored to present the race and to greet the Hungarian winner (Márton Bazsó) in his mother language away from his home.
(07 november 2018 21:18)
It is always a great pleasure to present the races of the Bucharest International Marathon in Romania. The event is organized in front of the Parliament which is the second largest administrative building in the world (after The Pentagon). There are thousands of runners glad to participate, I am glad to hold the microphone. All the time, every year!
(15 may 2018 16:50)
I have just told Paolo, the race director of the running events in Bucharest, that he is like Christmas and Easter in my life. I always know that I meet him twice a year: at the half marathon in May and at the marathon in October. It was a pleasure and of course an honour to be a part of the event this season as well. The organizers and the young volunteers have gathered a lot of experience and I can see that the race is growing year by year. Congratulations to all the people who got involved, and of course all the athletes who came to run on the streets of Bucharest. We had more than 10,000 participants on Sunday! What a nice weekend!
(03 may 2018 11:00)
It was great to present the 27th edition of the Lake Neusiedl Bike Marathon. For the fifth time in my career, I had the honor to be there as a multilingual announcer. This year we had a number of one thousand participants who started the marathon and tried to complete the 125 km long course around lake Neusiedl between Austria and Hungary. It was a memorable race for me as I had the opportunity to cooperate with my friend, Othmar Peer from Tyrol.
(17 april 2018 20:37)
Presenting a marathon is like running a marathon. But it's more fun! You see many satisfied faces after 42 km. That's what I felt last weekend in Cluj as I presented the 8th edition of the marathon in the famous Cluj Arena. It was great, just like everytime before. More than 7000 people participated in the event.
(18 october 2017 12:39)
At the 10th edition of the Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon, a new track record was set by a kenyan athlete. Duncan Cheruiyot Koech crossed the finish line in 2 hours 13 minutes 13 seconds. Congratulations! The women's race was won by an Ethiopian runner, while host country Romania had a bronze medal as Ana Rodean finished third. It was another superb experience for me. This race is a special event as it involves many volunteers and has a great organizing team. I enjoy it anytime I have the honor to commentate the competition. It's nice to be a part of it.
(15 may 2017 11:47)
Bucharest Running Club held its 6th Half Marathon in the Romanian capital city. This time, a number of 14,000 runners participated in the event, taking part in one of the competitions scheduled for Sunday: 21 km, 10 km, 3 km. We had some great vibe, an epic atmosphere as a lady from the host country, Ancuta Bobocel, managed to win the Half-Marathon in front of the home crowd. The winner of the men's competition, an athlete from Ethiopia, has set a new competition record, 1:01:08.
(09 may 2017 18:02)
The 26th edition of the Neusiedl Lake Cycling Marathon was attended by 1000 riders. They had to complete a 125 km long stage around the lake which is located between Austria and Hungary.
(17 april 2017 12:36)
It was once again a pleasure to present the international marathon in Cluj Napoca, Romania. The community of athletes and amateur runners had a memorable day as they participated in the 7th edition of the Cluj marathon. The impressive stadium hosted several races for kids on Saturday, while the adults came to run on Sunday. It was not only the maraton on the schedule. The participants had the opportunity to take part in the 5 km, 10 km and 21 km run as well.
(18 october 2016 20:18)
I had the honor to be the multilingual announcer of the Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon for the third time. Over 14,000 participants came to complete the 42,195 km run, which is a new record of attendance.
(23 may 2016 18:00)
I had the honor to present the  OMV Petrom Bucharest Half Marathon, held in the Romanian capital on 15 May 2016.
(02 may 2016 16:18)
One of the biggest amateur cycling marathons of Central Europe took place in Morbisch am See, Austria. During the weekend a number of over 2000 people participated in the run and bike competitions held in Burgenland.
(13 april 2016 16:05)
Presenting a marathon is always a privilege. This time, Cluj-Napoca hosted its 6th international marathon and I enjoyed being the speaker of the event. I used the multilingualism to entertain the people who came to run or to cheer for others. It was a new attendance record, over 3500 people from 20 countries came to Cluj to take part in the sporting event.
(06 october 2015 12:20)
The 8th edition of the Bucharest Marathon can simply described as a special race. This year, at least two records were broken. Over 11,000 participants came to run on the streets of the Romanian Capital and the fastest among them managed to set a new track record. Patrick Kimeli from Kenya crossed the line in 2 hours 13 minutes and 15 seconds. I was appointed to present the event in 4 languages and I definitely enjoyed it.
(16 june 2015 12:21)
It was the first ever international marathon held in the city of Brasov (Romania) last Sunday. Over 1000 runners started from the square situated next to the famous Black Church, being prepared to complete the distance of over 42 km. It was an enjoyable race, even if the weather was possibly the biggest opponent of the participants. In over 30 degrees, people had to run continuously. They succeeded, showing that sport brings joy and satisfaction! It was the same to me, I was honored to be the multilingual presenter of the Transylvanian sport event.
(18 may 2015 21:07)
It doesn't happen too often, but the central streets of Bucharest were closed on Sunday. The only reason was the 4th edition of the OMV Petrom Bucharest Half Marathon, where 10.000 runners participated in a major event. It was the Kenyan athlete Peter Emase who won the 21 km race. The amateur runners had the opportunity to choose from 4 different distances: 3.5 km, 10.5 km, 21 km individual or relay. It was an enjoyable competition with some interesting exhibitions, entertainment and a concert which closed the event in the afternoon. Congratulations to all the finishers!
(30 april 2015 13:01)
It was a spectacular race around lake Neusiedl in Austria. 1500 riders started from the village called Morbisch am See, having to complete a 125 km long race course around the lake situated between Austria and Hungary. It was an honor to me to present the event, especially because of the fact that it goues far beyond sports: it takes place at the border between the two states, a border which was reopened just 25 years ago. Now, thousands of participants have the opportunity to enjoy a major event at this pitoresque place.
(22 april 2015 13:22)
It was a sunny but a quite windy race day in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) as thousands of participants took part in the largest marathon competition of Transylvania. A number of 3.500 runners joined the race on different distances. The demanding course began in the impressive Cluj Arena stadium and ended there after many kilometres completed on the streets of Cluj. People enjoyed the great atmosphere and the large variety of entertaining programs in the city. It was an honor to me to apply multilingual commentary at the marathon held last Sunday.
(13 april 2015 12:29)
My next multilingual presentation will be held at the AROBS Cluj International Marathon on April 19. THe race is sold out, a total number of 1300 runners will compete in the marathon, half-marathon and relay. I'll be there to entertain you and to keep you in touch with all the news via live commentary.
(08 october 2014 12:48)
I had the honor to present two high-class events on a single day. On the 5th of October, over 8.000 runners participated in the Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest International Marathon. It was also the last race of Constantina Dita (photo), olympic champion in Beijing 2008. In the evening, many famous journalists, athletes and federation resp. club leaders came to show they respect for Constantina at her retirement gala in Hotel Hilton Bucharest. It was great being there!
(04 august 2014 13:54)
I was honored to present the MTB marathon of my hometown last Sunday. 227 people participated in this magnificent event held in the Ciuc mountains. The organizers prepared two tracks a shorter challenge on 34 km and a longer marathon track on 67 km. It was a sunny summer day and I was extremely happy to welcome hundreds of supporters during the race day. They contributed to an unforgettable atmosphere. The fastest rider in the elite category was Lucian Logigan from Sibiu, followed by Alexandru Stancu and the local cyclist Arpad Kelemen. 

The results of all amateur categories are available online:
(07 may 2014 11:40)
The Austrian location Mörbisch hosted a great sports event on the last weekend of April. Over 1700 participants lined-up at the start of the running and cycling races. I had the pleasure to present the competition together with Othmar Peer, an expert cycling commentator.