multilingual presenter - interpreter - translator
(21 may 2024 17:28)
Bucharest Running Club is the organiser of the largest outdoor sport events in Romania. It has two major mass races each year: the half marathon in May and the marathon in October. As it's spring time, last weekend we met at the start of the 21 km race. The streets of Bucharest were crowded by thousands of runners who faced this huge challenge. Kenyan runners stepped on the top of the podium but for us, organisers and speakers, all the finishers can be called as heroes. I'm happy to see many smiling faces crossing the finish line. It was my task to offer multilingual presentation on the main stage, including all the official programmes and the awards ceremonies. Such an honour, many thanks and congratulations!
(16 may 2023 12:15)
I took the flight Vienna-Bucharest on Saturday, right after the triathlon where I worked on that day, to arrive on time to the Romanian capital for the Half Marathon scheduled for Sunday. It was worth it. The event gathered thousands of runners at the start and there was a lot to celebrate at the finish as well because Yerga Berihun (Ethiopia) set a new track record (1:00:55). It was a great atmosphere out there, people were cheering on the runners on the entire course. I will be back in October for the marathon in the same city. Can't wait!
(15 may 2018 16:50)
I have just told Paolo, the race director of the running events in Bucharest, that he is like Christmas and Easter in my life. I always know that I meet him twice a year: at the half marathon in May and at the marathon in October. It was a pleasure and of course an honour to be a part of the event this season as well. The organizers and the young volunteers have gathered a lot of experience and I can see that the race is growing year by year. Congratulations to all the people who got involved, and of course all the athletes who came to run on the streets of Bucharest. We had more than 10,000 participants on Sunday! What a nice weekend!
(15 may 2017 11:47)
Bucharest Running Club held its 6th Half Marathon in the Romanian capital city. This time, a number of 14,000 runners participated in the event, taking part in one of the competitions scheduled for Sunday: 21 km, 10 km, 3 km. We had some great vibe, an epic atmosphere as a lady from the host country, Ancuta Bobocel, managed to win the Half-Marathon in front of the home crowd. The winner of the men's competition, an athlete from Ethiopia, has set a new competition record, 1:01:08.
(23 may 2016 18:00)
I had the honor to present the  OMV Petrom Bucharest Half Marathon, held in the Romanian capital on 15 May 2016.
(18 may 2015 21:07)
It doesn't happen too often, but the central streets of Bucharest were closed on Sunday. The only reason was the 4th edition of the OMV Petrom Bucharest Half Marathon, where 10.000 runners participated in a major event. It was the Kenyan athlete Peter Emase who won the 21 km race. The amateur runners had the opportunity to choose from 4 different distances: 3.5 km, 10.5 km, 21 km individual or relay. It was an enjoyable competition with some interesting exhibitions, entertainment and a concert which closed the event in the afternoon. Congratulations to all the finishers!