multilingual presenter - interpreter - translator
(22 april 2024 12:12)
I've been presenting the Neusiedlersee Radmarathon, the bike race around Lake Neusiedl in Austria for 10 years now, but this edition was the coldest I've ever experienced: 6 degrees at the start, 10 degrees at the finish. And a lot of wind... It was challenging but it also ended with a huge success. Here you have some numbers: 2000 riders, 46 nations, 125 km. It was an honour to host the event! Each year there are plenty of real sportsmen at the start, dedicated to sports and a healthy way of live. Dutchman Jeroen van Voorden won the race with 3:02:45! Celebrities made their appearance as well: Andreas Kloeden, double vice-champion at the Tour de France was the greatest cyclist among them. Many thanks and congratulations to the riders and the organisers!
(21 august 2023 11:07)
The greatest summer race of my home region, Szeklerland, came to its 17th edition. We had a magnificent competition with Martin Messner (Austria) who took the lead at the very last stage and gained the most important jersey of the event, by a margin of just 5 seconds. Tour of Szeklerland is unique with its beautiful landscape and nice hospitality. It was the case this year as well when 90 riders lined up at the start. Congratulations to all the people involved!
(13 july 2023 14:11)
The 13th edition of the Cycling Tour of Sibiu was definitely one of the greatest races ever in this region of Europe. Not just because of the fact that many stars came to compete here this year as well, just like Sam Bennett (BORA-Hangsrohe) who won 2 stages out of 5, but mostly because of the fact that we had to wait until the very and of the Tour to find out the winner in the general classification. After his victory at Balea Lac, Lennert van Eetvelt (Lotto) had the best chances to stay in the yellow jersey, but after his puncture one day later, he had to accept a dramatic scenario. Before the last stage, an ITT in the historical centre of Sibiu, there were 4 riders separated by only 6 seconds, and it was Mark Donovan (Q36.5) who rode fastest among them. It was the Briton who won the 13th edition, ending the BORA-supremacy after three years. What a great race, I was happy to be a part of it, at least 2 thousand people came to celebrate with the winners at the awards ceremony.
(05 may 2023 16:15)
6-time Olympic champions, Tobias Arlt and Tobias Wendl (luge, Germany) came to Austria to be distinguished guests of the Neusiedlersee Radmarathon, a cycling race for amateur cyclist in Eastern Austria, the region called Burgenland. It was a great success as more than 1500 participants completed the 126 km long distance around Lake Neusiedl. It was an honour to be the host of this event, especially because of the fact that a good friend of mine originally from my hometown Csíkszereda, Botond Bagoly finished third in his category.
(30 september 2022 15:14)
A Briton became the reigning champion of Tour of Romania this year. Mark Stewart retained the yellow jersey after the last stage in Bucharest. At this edition I only joined the peloton in Satu Mare, the venue of the team presentation and the prologue. It was such a great moment to welcome stars like Davide Rebellin or Adam Hansen on the stage.
(18 august 2022 14:12)
For the first time in history, Cycling Tour of Szeklerland started from Hungary. The great moment came as a memorable popularity boost to the event considered to be one of the most important tools of sportdiplomacy in the region inhabited by native Hungarians in Romania. I was honored to present the opening ceremony and the first stage in Debrecen, taking the chance to wear my traditional folk costume on the stage. It's Szymon Rekita (POL) who was crowned as the winner of the 16th Tour of Szeklerland.
(26 july 2022 12:34)
Cycling Tour of Sibiu hosted another great event this year featuring teams like Jumbo-Visma, BORA, Lotto-Soudal or Cofidis. It ended with the victory of Giovanni Aleotti (BORA) who became the first rider to defend his title in Sibiu. Congratulations to all the people involved, it was a pleasure to present this event.
(18 august 2021 13:56)
As always, the Cycling Tour of Szeklerland is a meaningful event for me. I began my career as a presenter at this competition back in 2007. Now the race came to its 15th edition. I was deeply honoured to offer my multilingual services at the start and the finish line, as well as on the main stage, calling the riders on the podium. This time Alan Banaszek (POL) finished 1st in the GC, with a gap of only 2 seconds ahead of Daniel Auer (AUT). Former Giro d'Italia stage winner Andrea Guardini achieved the 3rd position. It was a great event, I already miss it!

(30 april 2019 11:35)
It's just crazy to see 1300 participants at the start of a cycling competition. It happened in Mörbisch am See in Austria, at the traditional 125 km ride around lake Neusiedl. I felt honored to present the race and to greet the Hungarian winner (Márton Bazsó) in his mother language away from his home.
(25 september 2018 22:17)
(03 may 2018 11:00)
It was great to present the 27th edition of the Lake Neusiedl Bike Marathon. For the fifth time in my career, I had the honor to be there as a multilingual announcer. This year we had a number of one thousand participants who started the marathon and tried to complete the 125 km long course around lake Neusiedl between Austria and Hungary. It was a memorable race for me as I had the opportunity to cooperate with my friend, Othmar Peer from Tyrol.
(23 september 2017 13:17)
Nowadays, sustainable mobility is an essential topic. Many cities give priority to projects which include cycling as transport modality. In Budapest, experts of this field had an interesting lecture and conversation regarding sustainability. I acted as a moderator and I was impressed by the facts and figures what the representatives of cities presented to us. It was a nostalgic work taking in consideration that I studied in Vienna for six years before I moved to Budapest about three years ago.
(21 august 2017 13:50)
The Cycling Tour of Szeklerland has a history of 10 years and I had the honor to be the presenter for the 7th time in my career. What a nice event! This season, 83 riders came to participate, representing 15 teams from all around Europe. The Austrian rider Patrick Bosman has managed to win the race. The competition ended in the town of Csíkszereda/Miercurea Ciuc, where I was born 28 years ago... :)
(15 june 2017 00:04)
It's always a pleasure to present a cycling tour, especially because of the fact that it lasts 3-4 days in a row. This time, the Tour of Bihor gathered 146 riders from 24 teams, participating in 4 different stages. It was a great event, Rodolfo Torres (Androni Giocattoli) has won the yellow jersey, as the top rider in the general classification.
(09 may 2017 18:02)
The 26th edition of the Neusiedl Lake Cycling Marathon was attended by 1000 riders. They had to complete a 125 km long stage around the lake which is located between Austria and Hungary.
(15 june 2016 12:29)
The multiple Olympic champion Botond Storcz (kayak) showed up for the awards ceremony of the 2016 Tour de Obuda, an amateur cycling event held in Budapest. The trip was attended by over 500 riders who were free to choose the distance they wanted to complete.
(26 may 2016 14:26)
A new star was born at the Cycling Tour of Bihor. The Colombian Egan Bernal (Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec), aged 19, has won the competition consisting of 4 days. The event was held for the first time since 1986. At this edition, 145 riders have participated representing 23 teams.
(02 may 2016 16:18)
One of the biggest amateur cycling marathons of Central Europe took place in Morbisch am See, Austria. During the weekend a number of over 2000 people participated in the run and bike competitions held in Burgenland.
(13 july 2015 12:15)
A number of 17 strong teams with a total of 107 riders participated in the 5th edition of the Cycling Tour of Sibiu (UCI 2.1). The race consisting of 5 competition days ended with the victory of Mauro Finetto (Team Southeast) ahead of Davide Rebellin and Serghei Tvetcov. Cycling has become very popular among the inhabitants of the Transylvanian city of Sibiu, many of them had the ambition to climb the mountains to follow the stage finals just a step away from the finish line. It is an honor to me to present this magnificent event and I hope that cycling will improve continuously in Romania in order to have many world-class events on the roads.
(03 june 2015 09:10)
It was all about a friendly trip on a bicycle, starting from the 3rd district of Budapest (Óbuda). There were 531 participants departing from the main square of Óbuda in the morning of 31st May. It was an event without winners or losers, all the attention was put on spending a day without stress or headache. People came to have fun together and enjoy the last Sunday of the Spring. It all ended in a pleasant manner, it was amazing to see people smiling after riding some hours on their bikes.
(30 april 2015 13:01)
It was a spectacular race around lake Neusiedl in Austria. 1500 riders started from the village called Morbisch am See, having to complete a 125 km long race course around the lake situated between Austria and Hungary. It was an honor to me to present the event, especially because of the fact that it goues far beyond sports: it takes place at the border between the two states, a border which was reopened just 25 years ago. Now, thousands of participants have the opportunity to enjoy a major event at this pitoresque place.
(29 july 2014 18:43)
What a spectacular finish at the Budapest Cycling Grand Prix. On a 127 km long flat race, 140 cyclists arrived to the capital city of Hungary in a crazy pace. The sports-loving supporters were shocked as their favourite rider, K. Lovassy, crashed just 150 metres before the finish. The sprint was won by Erik Baska from team Dukla Trencin, representing Slovakia. The podium was completed by two Slovenian sportsmen, Hocevar and Tratnik. Great show!
(23 july 2014 17:09)
An epic race in a wonderful region - 500 km, 22 teams from 3 continents, over 150 cyclists and a champion wearing the yellow jersey: Radoslav Rogina.

(16 june 2014 16:11)
The capital city of Lower Austria hosted the 7th edition of the St. Pölten Cycling Marathon. Athletes from 20 different nations came together to compete for the trophies and qualification points for the UWCT Final in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The marathon also appears in the calender of the UCI (World Cycling Federation). There were two routes to choose from: 80 km and 158 km. It was a spectacular race with an epic atmosphere! I fully enjoyed it! 


(10 june 2014 13:27)
I had the honor to present all the 5 stages of the Para-cycling Tour of Upper Austria. The race is also included in the UCI calendar, so many competitors had the opportunity to collect points for the qualification to the Rio Paralympics. It was an unforgettable experience to see how disabled athletes compete without taking physical impairment or any other limits in consideration. 

(07 may 2014 11:40)
The Austrian location Mörbisch hosted a great sports event on the last weekend of April. Over 1700 participants lined-up at the start of the running and cycling races. I had the pleasure to present the competition together with Othmar Peer, an expert cycling commentator.