multilingual presenter - interpreter - translator
(15 may 2018 16:16)
The feeling alone when I drive across Styria is a fantastic pleasure. Then I wake up the next morning and go to present a cool race, the Austrian 1/2 Iron Triathlon which is a great event featuring almost 500 participants who come to face the hard challenge consisting of 2 km swim, 86 km bike and 20 km run. The environment is epic: a nice, small lake, forest, parks, hills, sunshine. It was a huge honor to be a part of it! A memorable event, I can recommend it to all who like triathlon! Location: Mureck, Styria, Austria
(21 august 2017 13:19)
It was once again a pleasure to hold the microphone at a major event. I presented the U23 Triathlon European Championships, in the beginning of August. At the Hungarian event held at Lake Velence, the host country (athlete Bence Bicsak) has won a gold medal, so the atmosphere was really unbelievable. I was honored to work there and be part of this magnifficent event.
(12 september 2016 16:32)
On September 10 I had the honour to be the announcer of the Mamaia TriChallenge at the Romanian sea side. A number of 1400 participants came to the start of the well-known triathlon event which is also the last stage of the Romanian national league.
(26 august 2016 12:06)
At the third edition of the IronMan 70.3 in Budapest I had the honour to present a press conference. The highlight of the day was an interview with the triathlon world champion Ivan Rana of Spain.
(14 july 2016 12:23)
The town of Tiszaujvaros has a history of only 50 years. It is hosting the triathlon World Cup since 1997 which is the most popular event in the region. This year, thousands of supporters came to cheer for the Hungarian athletes at the 20th edition. The locals were satisfied with the bronze medal achieved by Tamas Toth (Rio olympian) and I was honoured to present the race in 4 languages for the thrd time in a row.
(07 july 2016 11:35)
It must be a pleasure to participate in a triathlon, especially when it takes place in a region like Brasov, Romania. It is unique for its beauty because it is located in the mountains and has a multicultural profile. This year, over 500 participants started at the international Herbalife triathlon having two distances to choose from: sprint or olympic. It was an honor to present the races, thousands of supporters followed the event in the city center.
(09 may 2016 20:59)
The lake Rocksee in the Styria region of Austria was host of the 14th Austrian 1/2 Iron Triathlon. I had the honor to present the event consisting of 2 km swim, 86 km bike and 20 km run.
(08 september 2015 13:49)
The Triathlon Challenge in Mamaia (Romanian seaside) is already a traditional race at the end of the season. This year - at the 7th edition - about 1300 people competed in their own categories. On Saturday, it was the day of the beginners and semi-pros who had 3 distances to choose from. The pros worked hard on Sunday as the stormy weather made their race pretty difficult. Among the professionals of the Premium European Cup there were 20 nations represented by aproximately 60 triathletes. I enjoyed working at this great event!

Photo: George Hari Popescu
(26 august 2015 15:16)
Terenzo Bozzone (NZL) set a new track record at IronMan 70.3 Budapest last weekend. It was party-atmosphere once again in the Hungarian capital where professionals and age group athletes competed on a distance consisting of 1.9 km swim, 90 km cycling and 21 km run.
(11 august 2015 14:42)
The party-atmosphere of the Tiszy Triatlon World Cup is a unique experience for all the participants. Hundreds of racers come to qualify for the final but they also enjoy every moment of a spectacular show. The sport event is a bit different than the majority of the races held around the world. Tiszy surprises people with its party-oriented, ceremonial way of organising a sport event. The inhabitants of the Hungarian town do serious preparations in order to keep the tradition alive. Tiszaujvaros is the only place in the WC calender where 19 races were held in a row. I love that place and congratulate to all the involved sport-loving people!
(28 july 2015 19:15)
The city of Brasov hosted the International Herbalife Triathlon where around 500 participants accepted the challenge to complete a quite exhausting race. The city and its surroundings are known for their natural beauty and epic sights so it must be a pleasure to compete in the region. It was an honor to me to work there and to enjoy the magnificent atmosphere. Congratulations to all the finishers and organizers!
(11 may 2015 10:25)
Having a history of 13 years, the Austrian 1/2 Iron Triathlon is known for its friendly atmosphere. The same kind of pleasant conditions were guarenteed this year as well. A total number of 240 participants took on the challenge consisting of 2 km swim, 86 km bike and 21 km run. The men's competition was won by the Slovenian Matija Meden, followed by two Hungarian professionals, Zoltan Petsuk and Marton Flander. Marina Novel from Italy was the fastest woman of the race. It was an honor to me to be the multilingual announcer of the competition held on 9th of May 2015.
(10 september 2014 14:56)
What a crazy weekend at the Romanian sea side... 800 participants took on a magic triathlon adventure in Mamaia. For the first time in Romania, the Triathlon ETU European Cup worked like a magnet for thousands of people who came to watch a high-level race. I had some great joy and fun, making a spectacular atmosphere was not a huge task when lots of people come to cheer for the best triathletes who ever come to Romania. Congratulations to the winners (Yuliya Yelistratova and Dmitry Polianskiy) and to all the amateur triathletes who managed to cross the finish line at the Grand Final of the Romanian Triathlon Series!

(08 august 2014 13:33)
The reality in Tiszaujvaros is like an unreachable dream for other small towns in Central Europe. The Hungarian town with only 17.000 inhabitants is hosting the ITU Triathlon World Cup for the 18th time in history. It is all about tradition, sports and undescribeable atmosphere! People here are amazing: they cheer for all the athletes and are happy to celebrate the feast of sports! The well-experienced organizers are eager to offer something new. This year, I am one of these novelties: I am the multilingual presenter of this magnificent sport event.
(12 may 2014 19:45)
There were some heroic iron men and women who competed at the Austrian 1/2 Iron Triathlon last Saturday. With 280 people from 11 different countries, the Styrian competition guaranteed a spectacular experience. It all began with an exhausting 2 km long swimming leg. Afterwards, there was a great cycling part measuring 86 km and a decisive showdown with 21 km of running. It was a fantastic event where I had the honor to entertain respectively infotain people performing a 3 language commentary (EN, DE, HU).